Janne Teerlinck
Bachelor in Architecture
Bachelor after Bachelor in Landscape Development
Master in Sustainable Development
Ever since I first became familiar with the term sustainability and the desperate need for it in the present day world, I knew that helping to achieve this is what I would want to dedicate my life to.

My Bachelor of Science in Architecture at UHasselt has provided me with a deep understanding of the need for social and spatial changes we face today and the thought processes that precedes to solve these problems. Because sustainability, unfortunately, was often ignored and I grew more and more aware of its necessity, it caught my interest. Since then I looked for other options to learn more about it.

This is how I came across the Bachelor after Bachelor in Landscape Development at HO Gent, KASK. Here I learned to work with GISsoftware, learned the importance of social awareness and how it can be generated by imaging and developed scenario’s, and got a deeper understanding of the need for spatial planning. Sustainability was a fundamental aspect of every course and a main goal that needed to be achieved in the projects we did for the practical courses. Through these courses, my love for sustainable development has only grown stronger, and I’ve only become more passionate in finding sustainable solutions.

After learning more and more about the importance of transdisciplinarity and the spreading of awareness, while achieving a broader public support, I decided to apply for the ICP Master of Science in Sustainable Development at KU Leuven, to which I got accepted and started this year. My motivation for chasing this goal is that the survival of our planet depends on sustainable solutions.